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Something to Watch

Can’t say I’ve ever been interested in pro cycling (even though I’m half Belgian!). But after watching Unchained, the Netflix Tour de France docu (basically like Drive to Survive, but for cycling), I let Rich persuade me to watch Mark Cavendish: Never Enough. If you want a lesson in resilience and proving your doubters wrong, this is it. Insightful, beautifully shot and empathetic.

Something to Cook

I am such a fan of Julius Roberts – the chef/smallholder/social media star (I bet he’d hate that last bit) who’s based close to us on the beautiful Jurassic coast in Dorset.  This broccoli pasta (nicer than it sounds, promise) is my current favourite super quick family supper. With vit C, vit K, antioxidants and even a little selenium and omega 3 from the anchovies, it’s definitely Stealthy Healthy.

julius for blog

Something to Read

Have you tried the Murph fitness challenge? No, me neither. But after Mark Zuckerberg bragged about his (frankly pretty impressive) sub-40 results back in June, journalist Hannah Evans got in on the act. Will this get you training for it too?

Something to Try

I’ve been drinking Rheal Superfood’s Shroom coffee for the last couple of weeks, and I do think it’s made a real difference to my mental stamina and focus. (I do also chug a couple of espressos each day, so there is that). No jitteriness or 4pm crashes anymore. It does feel like I’m being bombarded with ads for mushroom coffee on all socials, so nootropics is obviously where it’s at – do you agree? Have you tried Lion’s mane/cordyceps/chaga yet? Love to hear your experience. (BTW, this isn’t a paid parternship)

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Meanwhile Back at HQ

Even though we’ve been delivering smoothies direct to you since 2020, did you know that Love Struck is actually almost 20yrs old?! Our business started supplying smoothies to food-service (that’s cafes, bars, gyms, restaurants, even elite football clubs), and we’ve grown from being found in a couple of London ad agencies to over 8000 sites. Our next push is… The USA. Yikes. Definitely a hard nut to crack, so Rich is heading off to Dallas and Atlanta in the next couple of weeks for distributor and retailer meetings. Wish us luck! 🤞


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