Become a Love Struck stockist and you’ll be in good company. Launched in a high-end gym chain, we now supply a wide range of customers including independent cafés, high street chains, bars, hotels, restaurants, schools, universities, hospitals and stadiums.

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No measuring, peeling or procrastination required! Our mouth-watering smoothies are bursting with goodness. Every frozen smoothie pack is 100% premium fruit and veg, picked at their prime and frozen to lock in taste and nutrition. 


Aside from spreading a little joy and happiness among your customers, there are lots of good reasons to stock Love Struck.


Aside from spreading a little joy and happiness among your customers, there are lots of good reasons to stock Love Struck.


Cherry’s Deli & Bakery, Petworth

There’s nothing we love more than a satised customer. Here’s the owner of Cherry’s Deli & Bakery, Cherry Menlove’s perspective:

“I spent over a year searching for the right way to serve the gorgeous market town of Petworth the right smoothie. They are a discerning bunch so I had to nd a way to serve something that was not only very tasty but was also  healthy, fresh and very ecient for us to prepare and serve.

As soon as I put the Love Struck smoothies on to my social media the people of the town went bonkers for them. I carry a mixture of the fruit and vegetable smoothies and also the milkshakes (which are also divine and loved by children and adults alike). The real appeal for me is that we can tell our customers exactly how fresh the ingredients are in each portion, we can prepare and serve them their smoothie in under 1 minute and know that each time the quality and taste will be of the same very high standard. We love them.”

San Marino, Brixton

San Marino prides itself on only offering the best to its customers. Here’s their take on working with us.

Here’s their take on working with us. “When Love Struck started working with us on improving our supply chain model we were astounded by the waste that occurs: both at the fruit and veg wholesale level, and at our own site. In 2019 we served almost 40 Love Struck smoothies each day and we had zero food waste by using their pre-portioned frozen fruit sachets. Not only was it easier and quicker with improved consistency, but we removed an incredible amount of unnecessary waste and emissions as a result. Our analysis showed that previously 25% -35% of all our supplied fruit had been wasted as part of our chopping or storage/stock control model, or due to the diculty in forecasting customer demand – and that’s in addition to any food waste from farm to wholesaler. As business becomes increasingly tough in these uncertain times, we think it’s time for us to cheer on those who help us be more sustainable by doing all the hard work for us. A great brand, a great company and fantastic support – thank you Love Struck!”


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