6 Best Employee Gifts

Christmas can be a stressful time of year – we get it.  But it can also be a wonderful opportunity to show your appreciation for the people around you day-to-day, and the people that do so much for you. People like your employees.

Deciding to buy gifts for your employees is one thing, knowing what to get them is quite another. That’s where we can help. We know a thing or two about getting great gifts for people, so let us walk you through some of the best ones we’ve seen recently.

I’ll take that as a condiment

We’ll fire things off with a bit of heat. Spicy foods have never been so popular, and exactly why that is is the subject of a fascinating discussion. Most homes will have at least one hot sauce in the cupboard, and one thing we’ve noticed is that people who like hot sauce tend to really like hot sauce!

So how about a Hot Sauce Gift Set for the people in the office that can’t get enough heat. If you’re not sure about hot sauce, what about a BBQ Rub Gift Set, or a Spice & Seasoning Gift Set? Just a little something that they can add into their daily cooking to liven it up a bit.

A cosy night in

Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than staying in your cosy living room and putting on a good film. So why not give someone a guilt-free night on the sofa with a movie night hamper?

Hampers are always a popular gift to receive, and they don’t need to be loaded with unhealthy foods either – check out this Well-Being Natural and Organic Hamper – a great way to promote well-being for your staff, while giving them a lovely treat.

Make an event out of it

Nothing can recreate the exhilaration of being at a live event, and these days, the experience of going to a live gig or sporting event can be greatly enhanced to make it even more special. When you have fine dining restaurants in Premier League football stadiums, you realise that things have changed!

So how about luxury hospitality tickets for a sporting event or concert? You could even get an executive box for a team in your business, if your budget allows. It’s also possible to buy ticket and hotel packages for sports all over the world – Darts in Dublin? NFL in New York? 

Horse Racing at Haydock? There’s something for everyone.

“Uniquely Portable Magic”

We’ve been trying to steer clear of gift cards in this article, because everyone knows that gift cards exist, and while they make a fine gift, it isn’t exactly thinking outside the box. One type does appeal to us though, and it is slightly more imaginative than most – an Audible gift card.

We’re all busy, we’re all on the move – and it might help make a commute more palatable, or a work trip less stressful if we had a good book in our ears as we go.

Grow together

This is just a little something – perhaps to use in conjunction with something else (especially if you go down the voucher/gift card route). A little pack of seeds can be a nice little touch – with a special message or logo on the packet. It may be just a small thing, but it could mean a lot to some people – especially in the Spring!

It’s a cracker

Christmas can be the best time of year – but it can also be hard on our wallets. So why not help your employees out and give something that they’ll need over the Christmas period, and take a bit of the hassle away from them?

Crackers are perfect, because most households will have a box over the Christmas period, but they definitely come under the “oh no, we’ve got to get…” category of Christmas preparation! There are so many on the market, from incredible luxury to quirky – and of course, you could always brand some with your own logo…!

Gotta keep smoothing

The above are great ideas for gifts – but wouldn’t it be great if you could give someone a gift that was both delicious and also has multiple health benefits. Something that could be delivered directly to their door and be easily stored by them for when they need it? Something that they would look forward to every day, and really appreciate for weeks?

No such gift could exist, surely?!


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