Breakfast Smoothies

Breakfast Smoothies For Winter

The days are getting shorter in the Northern hemisphere and it’s that time of year when quite a few of us find our moods get darker too.

Improve Your Mood

An increasing number of us suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – a depression associated with the winter months. Symptoms include fatigue, low mood, poor concentration, anxiety and feeling unsociable. So how can you do your bit to ward off the winter blues?

Our Tops For the Winter Blues

First of all get plenty of exercise – regular physical activity can boost serotonin, endorphins, and other feel-good brain chemicals. Secondly, make sure you spend time outdoors every day, especially in the morning, to top up your vitamin D and boost your mood.

Socialise and Get Out There

Start getting social! Even if you feel like hiding under the duvet, social interaction will lift your mood so make sure you say yes to invites, call a friend or find ways to meet new people. Why not join a walking or running club so you’re getting daylight, exercise and new friends all in one hit?

Breakfast Smoothies and Plenty of Feel-Good Food

Of course there are also plenty of feel-good foods that help and our purple powerhouse Breakfast Smoothie combines plenty of winter blues beaters.

Rasberry Smoothies

Blueberry and Rasberry Smoothies

Blueberries and raspberries provide your Vitamin C fix, which helps your adrenals to reduce stress.

Oats and Bananas

Oats and banana give you slow release sugars. Whilst you may crave sweet snacks the crash after a sugar high may affect your mood and energy badly. Oats and bananas boost your feel-good serotonin levels without the energy dip.

Bananas also contain mood mellowing tryptophan, potassium to even blood sugars and magnesium which can help you relax.

Flax seeds give you Omega 3 Fatty Acids, said to ease mild to moderate depression.

Face the Day With a Breakfast Smoothie

No wonder Breakfast Smoothie is currently a Love Taste office favourite! Make it with apple juice for extra vitamin C or a nut milk for a protein hit.

Winter mornings are looking up!

Love Taste team x


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