Bone Broth Arrives

New York’ New York Bone Broth

From the mean streets of New York to a freezer near you, we’re delighted to introduce the latest revolutionary product from Love Taste Co – Bone Broth!

Perfection takes time

It’s taken us two years to create the ultimate organic recipe which is literally bursting with goodness. Of course, we’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. After all, boiling bones for 24 hours and mixing it with a unique blend of vegetables and herbs is no easy feat. With our Bone Broth pods all you need to do is grab one from the freezer, pop it in a mug and add hot water!

bone broth love taste co

Here at Love Taste we worked on the recipe with a former head of development at The Fat Duck, creating two versions of the recipe – one beef and the other chicken. Both are distilled after hours of bubbling away with a huge variety of farm produce and garden herbs.

Bone Broth Comfort

“When we sampled the recipes it was amazing how people put both hands round the cup and their shoulders relaxed, almost as if it was doing them good after the first sip,” says our boss, Richard Canterbury.

“It’s the ultimate feel-good drink!”

Interestingly, it was watching his wife boil bones for hours on end that led to the product being made in the first place.

“My wife Jules has made her own bone broth at home for a while now to help ease the symptoms of fibromyalgia, but it’s such an effort – bones bubbling away on the hob for hours on end, or left overnight so that the windows are all steamed up in the morning.

“I wanted to apply the same methodology we use for our smoothies and fruit teas and come up with an easy bone broth recipe – one that tasted out of this world but the only work you needed to do was stick the kettle on.”

The Big Reveal

The restorative, nutrient-rich drink will be launched at Lunch! Exhibitions tomorrow and orders are already flooding in.

Like all Love Taste Company’s products, the broth arrives in frozen pods – simply add hot water and drink.

The London-based firm already supplies hundreds of sites across the UK with its smoothies, frappes and fruit teas, from global food chain Pret a Manger to independent cafes, gyms, bars, restaurants and hotels.

The Best Bone Broth Worldwide

Richard believes his new bone broth – a craze which started on the east coast of America – will open up many more opportunities for the firm.

“We are always looking at new markets and ways to develop new products and the reaction we’ve had to the bone broth so far has been phenomenal,” he explained.

“Lunch! is the perfect place to take the wraps off the bone broth and we’re hugely excited about bringing it to market.”


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