Coffee Smoothies

Wow, September has flown past at Love Taste! We can’t believe it’s officially autumn now!

We’re back from the Lunch Show at London’s Excel Centre where we had a great time meeting customers and of course sampling smoothies. One flavour we were showcasing is our luscious new coffee inspired smoothie CaFiend!

Tasty way to have your Coffee Smoothie

CaFiend is a delicious and innovative way to get your coffee shot in the morning. Rich and bitter sweet, made from slices of fig and banana, gluten free oats for slow release energy and maple syrup. All you need to do is add a shot of espresso, vegan milk and one of our frozen smoothie sachets to a blender and blitz.

Who are Love Smoothies?

CaFiend is the brainchild of our founder Richard and our Development Manager Kathryn, who both love coffee and much as they enjoy a smoothie.

When Richard came into the office last summer on a boiling hot morning asking if we all wanted smoothies everyone in fact wanted a coffee not a smoothie! Kathryn and Richard thought it would be great to combine the two so that on a hot day you can enjoy your coffee cold and also get your caffeine hit and a fruity breakfast in one go!

Unlike any of our other smoothies, this smoothie has been developed to blend with espresso coffee and vegan milk, rather than apple juice. We like it best with almond milk or hazelnut milk, but it also works with oat milk and coconut milk too!

We haven’t put the coffee in the actual smoothie so each cafe can use their own in-house beans. It means the coffee is fresh each time too.

Our best Coffee Smoothie, always

CaFiend is definitely not just for summer though. In fact a few of our customer are launching it on their autumn menu. If you want to find out more about it just drop us a line at [email protected] or give us a call on 020 7378 8332.

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