Festive Frappes

We like to get a bit creative here in the office, always chucking new ingredients in with our frappé base. With it being the festive period and definitely time to indulge, we thought we had to try the obvious (no not a turkey), A MINCE PIE- yes that’s right, a whole mince pie. And not just a mince pie, but a generous dollop of Madagascan vanilla custard too- WOAH. Topped with cream and another half a mince pie (just a small garnish!) this is definitely up there as one of the best frappes I have ever made.


Not a fan of mince pies? Fear not, a candy cane frappe could be the one for you. Blend a whole peppermint candy cane into the mix, top with cream and crush and scatter some more candy cane over the top. Minty, creamy, festive deliciousness in less than a minute.

candy cane

What would you add to the mix? Let us know, we want to try it!
Happy holidays!
Love Taste Co. x

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