It’s coming home

Have we mentioned before that smoothies can be very good for you? (Erm, yes!)

Ok, we appreciate that you may have a certain level of cynicism when you see us banging on about how great smoothies are. So perhaps it would be better if we could let you know about people that have enjoyed our smoothies. Not paid endorsements – they’re far too easy – but genuine customers. It would probably hold even more weight if these people had a job that required them to stay in the best possible physical state, right? Getting paid, literally, millions of pounds does focus the mind somewhat when it comes to looking after yourself!

Some professional footballers, perhaps…?

With the Euros about to start, we thought it would be great to focus on some titans of the footballing world who have all enjoyed our fantastic smoothies. However, because we haven’t paid them to endorse us, we can’t really name them – so how about a little game? We’ll list below some trivia and key stats and leave it up to you to guess who they are. Can you name all five of these players that can Blend It Like Beckham? (Been waiting SO long to make that pun)

Player one

To be revealed over on our socials on Sunday!




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