All Day Breakfast

When I heard VQ were blending up some awesome frappés at their sites, I knew I had to go down and give them a try. A 24 hour eating and drinking concept, with 4 sites over London and the ability to eat breakfast at ANY hour of the day, I mean what’s not to love?! And they are doing something pretty cool with our frappé pellets.

Open 24 Hours


What is matcha?

A high grade green tea leaf milled into a powder high in antioxidants, even higher than your usual green tea, because none of the nutrients are tossed out like they are with a tea bag!

Not sure on standard green tea? I’m not either- but try matcha with a bit of sweetness and it really is an absolute winner- VQ have done a stellar job!

Matcha Frappe

I couldn’t resist a coffee frappe to take away too, made with espresso and topped with fresh cream, how could I say no?!

Coffee Frappe

Thanks VQ, we will definitely be back!
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Love Taste Co. x

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