Holy Shake!

I’m sure you’ve heard about them, and probably seen pictures of the deliciously over the top drinks that are more like desserts. A lusciously thick milkshake base, topped with anything and everything sweet (and even salty) that you can pile on top of the glass. This is how you can make them, AT HOME!
Holy Shake!


The base is simple, 1 sachet of Love Taste Co frappe with 150ml of milk, and for the first flavour a dollop of Joe and Seph’s salted caramel sauce, blended for 30 seconds gave us the salted caramel shake, now for the FREAK…



Some extra sauce drizzled around the inside of the glass (it doesn’t need to be pretty, it’s going to taste GOOD!), cream, custard creams, toffee popcorn and pretzels stuck around the edge of the glass with some melted chocolate and voila, the salted caramel freak shake.


Drop a couple of Oreo’s into the blender with the base and blend, pour into your chosen glass (top tip- rinse your glasses and freeze for an ice cold, frosted glass), topped with more Oreo’s, a giant double choc cookie, cookie dough and choc chips, ….there is a reason this was the office favourite…

Don’t forget Cake

Last but not least it’s a chocolate peanut butter frenzy! We threw a whole cupcake into the base of this one along with a generous spoonful of Biona peanut butter (the good stuff!) and topped with cream, chocolate chips, extra peanut butter, a whole new cupcake and marshmallows, WOW.
chocolate peanut butter frenzy
A totally easy dessert for your dinner party or a treat on your cheat day, these are sure to impress! What flavours would you try in your freak shake?
Love Taste Co. x

Your Basket