Love Smoothie cups, lids and straws: It’s now all about the corn starch!


Love Smoothies have ditched the plastic!
Our new fully compostable range of cups, lids and straws are made from corn starch, which is a renewable, plant based material (also known as PLA).
What does this mean?
  • After use just put them in the normal food waste for industrial composting and they will all compost down in 180 days
  • Plastic free
  • Practical and sustainable
  • Light, strong, clear and food-safe
  • Lower carbon emissions in manufacture than oil-based plastics

Did you know?

While plastic straws take between 100 and 1,000 years to break down in landfill, PLA straws will break down in commercial food waste in under 12 weeks!

Each cup is branded: “Fantastic I am not plastic. Please do your utmost to put me in the compost”

Get in touch for details on your local distributor, alternatively they can be purchased here.

Love Taste Co. x


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