Love Taste Co. crowned as healthiest smoothie producer

smoothie packed with tropical flavour

Winner of Healthy Food Guide Award

A smoothie packed with tropical flavour from London drinks firm Love Taste Co scooped a top accolade at the Healthy Food Guide Awards, announced today.

Founded in Borough Market in 2005 and now selling more than £50m-worth of smoothies a year, Love Taste Co wowed judges with its best-selling Pash ‘N’ Shoot- chosen as the healthiest and tastiest smoothie on the market.

Passion Fruit Smoothie Winner

The award-winning smoothie is a tropical concoction of passion fruit, pineapple and mango, delivered to the customer in an innovative frozen sachet – simply empty the contents into the blender, add milk or fruit juice and pulse for 30 seconds.

Health Benefits

The unique recipe, which was created with the help of the former head of development at The Fat Duck, is rich in vitamins A, B, C, dietary fibre, medicinal alkaloids & manganese.

Love Taste Co. Pride

Love Taste Co. pride themselves on their combination of boundary-pushingflavours and innovative techniques.

“We are delighted to have been chosen as the healthiest smoothie on the market,” said founder Richard Canterbury.“We are constantly researching and developing our recipes in order to make the healthiest smoothies on the market.

“By working alongside Michelin-starred chefs, we are able to combine fruit and vegetables that not only taste great but together also achieve exceptional nutritional values.”

Healthy Food Guide Award Review

The Healthy Food Guide Awards, now in their fourth year, celebrate products that deliver on great taste, plus nutritional benefits. The awards were judged by an expert panel, including Healthy Food Guide magazine nutrition editor, Amanda Ursell.

“It’s great to see manufacturers striving to improve the nutritional quality of their products and to use innovative ingredients and processing to achieve this,” says Amanda.

“Whilst it’s not easy to create products that tick all the nutritional boxes, it’s great that many are making notable strides in the right direction. Even when steps are smaller, this is still to be applauded as small steps can be built on and further improved.

“Making healthy food that also tastes great is not easy but our winners have tried hard to achieve these tricky criterion.”


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