Michelin chef plays starring role for Love Smoothies

Michelin Super Star

No chop, no prep, no waste – three things that set us apart from the competition. But there’s one more added ‘wow’ thanks to an incredible chef who’s worked in Britain’s most famous kitchen.


Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal rose to prominence with what later became known as molecular gastronomy: his Fat Duck restaurant winning awards all over the globe for its incredible
combinations including bacon and egg ice cream and snail porridge.

For five years Stefan Cosser was Heston’s development chef and now he works with the
Love Taste Company to maximise taste and flavours.

No wonder we’ve won two Great Taste Awards and countless others.

Stefan Cosser

“Richard at Love Smoothies got in touch with us because he is constantly looking at ways to make his smoothies better,” says Stefan. “It’s this constant pursuit of perfection which is remarkable and we’ve explored countless ways of doing this without needing to go down the Fat Duck craziness line. We don’t need to do a mustard smoothie or a bacon and egg one for instance, we just need to ensure that every smoothie people drink is literally bursting with flavour and goodness.”

Experimenting is a huge part of the job and Stefan is often found in the development kitchen playing with all sorts of fruit and vegetables. At the moment he’s concentrating on ‘green’ smoothies.

“Obviously there are huge numbers of fads and trends that sweep through this market but we don’t want green smoothies, or least the consumption of important vegetable and fruits, to be seen as a punishment. They have to taste great in order for people to make the connection between health and enjoyment, but they need to be ‘honestly’ green and reflect the health of the ingredients, not just green in colour and pumped full of apple juice.

“Just the tiny addition of fennel, or tarragon, can make a huge difference. The same goes for pepper – it doesn’t have to be a pepper smoothie but the tiniest pinch of pepper can really bring out the flavours of the ingredients.”

Stefan’s insight and incredible palate mean both our Broccoli and the Beast smoothie and Kale Kick concoction come top of the poll from customers amazed that vegetable
smoothies taste this good.

Are you ready to put your tastebuds to the test?


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