Quick Fruit Smoothie Recipe

There are many things to love about fruit smoothies. Number one has got to be the fact that they are delicious! Of course, you also have to acknowledge that they’re also a great way to get more fruit and (often) vegetables into your diet – packed with nutrients like vitamin C and fibre. They can act as a meal replacement, a breakfast smoothie on the go, for example, and can help you lose weight.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about them, though, is that they are also incredibly quick and easy to make. We all fall into the trap of being a bit world-weary at times – if it’s good for us it’s probably disgusting, or takes forever to make, or has loads of ingredients… there has to be a catch, right?

Nope! And we are going to demonstrate that now with this wonderful quick fruit smoothie recipe. You’ll see how simple it is to make a healthy smoothie, and how flexible it is – made with fresh fruit or frozen fruit, mixed with a huge choice of liquids.


Bursting with berry goodness, this is one of our favourite, and easiest, smoothie recipes. A great way to use up fresh fruit that is about to go off, or all those frozen fruits you have in the freezer. A delicious smoothie, made in minutes:


Quick Fruit Smoothie

Quick fruit smoothie with frozen berries
Prep Time3 minutes
Course: Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine: global
Keyword: smoothie
Servings: 1 12 oz
Calories: 148kcal


  • 1 blender


  • 1/3 cup strawberries fresh or frozen
  • 1/3 cup blackberries fresh or frozen
  • 1/3 cup raspberries fresh or frozen
  • 200 ml apple juice ideally not from concentrate
  • 1 tbsp flax seeds


  • hull your strawberries
  • add all ingredients to the blender with the juice/liquid
  • blend for 30secs or until smooth
  • serve and enjoy!


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Simple Fruit Smoothie Recipe Variations

You know earlier on when we said one of our favourite things about smoothies is the fact that they are so versatile? Well, we are going to highlight that for you now, with a load of ways to modify your fruit smoothie recipes depending on what you want to get out of your smoothie, and what you’ve got knocking about in the kitchen.

We focused on making a berry smoothie here, and you can certainly throw in plenty of other berries, either to replace existing ingredients or to add to them. Some blueberries, cranberries, blackcurrants, goji berries – whatever you have. They tend to freeze very well, so if you ever have some fresh berries left over, put them in your freezer until you fancy a smoothie, and you’ll always have these ingredients to add in.

Another popular ingredient that you can add into almost any smoothie recipe is banana. It’s a great ingredient to add in for a few reasons – firstly, because a banana smoothie tastes amazing. Secondly, because there are always spare bananas in kitchens all over the country, just about to turn from ripe to inedible. Thirdly, bananas add a creaminess and pleasing texture to smoothies. They also freeze well, so throwing in a frozen banana just makes sense. It compliments the berries really well, so well worth considering.

Another benefit of using frozen fruit is that it will make your smoothie nice and cold – if you are only using fresh fruit, you might want to add in a few ice cubes to get the same effect.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to what liquid you use. Apple juice tends to be our go-to, but that can be substituted for orange juice, pineapple juice, or any other fruit juice. There are also the non-dairy milk options, like almond milk, oat milk and coconut milk. Each one will have a small impact on the flavour and consistency, but they all make a great smoothie.

Then we come to a host of ‘smoothie toppings’ – none of these are essential ingredients, but can all add something extra, either in terms of texture, taste or nutrition. The most obvious one is protein powder, a great way to ensure you are getting enough protein in your diet, especially if you’re training. You can also add chia seeds, hemp seeds or flax seeds, both high in omega 3, healthy fats.

You may want to throw in some yogurt to add a creaminess to the texture – Greek yogurt is a favourite, but vanilla yogurt will bring with it a bit more flavour (great if you are making it for children). Other flavour enhancers include nut butters, like peanut or almond butter, vanilla extract, lemon juice, honey or maple syrup.

If you need any other inspiration to make your own personal perfect smoothie, have a look through our extensive range of smoothies – we’re certain you’ll find a few that you love. And if you fancy having them delivered to your door, create your own bundle and before you know it, you’ll be sipping incredible smoothies with minimal effort on your part.


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