To celebrate the London Marathon on Sunday 28 April we thought we’d write a blog about running!

 London Marathon

Jog Standard

It’s a great time to get jogging, with the longer, warmer days here to stay for a while. Even if you’re a beginner and never plan to run a marathon, running is brilliant exercise. It can reduce your risk of chronic illnesses, boost your mood, help you lose weight – and of course it’s free!

Top Tips For Jogging

The NHS has some great tips to help you get back into running if you’re a bit rusty:

Get Some Good Shoes

Always invest in a good pair of running shoes – and replace them every 300 miles

Prepare for Your Runs

Plan your runs. Work out when and where you’re going to run and put it in your diary. That way it won’t slip your mind.

Always Warm up

Start each run with a gentle warm-up of at least five minutes. This can include quick walking, marching on the spot, knee lifts, side stepping and climbing stairs.

Start Slow

When you start try alternating between running and walking during your session. As time goes on, make the running intervals longer until you no longer feel the need to walk.

Stretch and Cool Down

Make sure you cool down with some post-run stretches

Make a Running Schedule

It’s better to run twice a week, every week, than to run six times one week and then do no running for the next three.

Set Challenges

To stay motivated set a challenge such as a 5K, or a charity run

Run With Friends

Try running with a friend or find a running partner on apps such as realbuzz or JoggingBuddy

Mix up Your Runs

Keep things interesting by varying your distances, pace and routes. Use a route planner app to discover and share favourite running paths

Try a Running Club

Join a running club – most clubs have running groups for different levels, including beginners. Find a running club near you using an app such as RunTogether.

And last but not least – don’t forget to cool down with a Love Taste Smoothie afterwards!

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