Herbs and Spices

The humble herb/spice is often not given the kudos it deserves. Instead it is banished to the back of darkened kitchen cupboards forlornly awaiting use; nestled between “popular” flavours on spice racks – do people still use those? Sighing when yet again a hand teasingly hovers over them, the overwhelming anticipation that they may be used on this occasion – yet hopes dashed when they are not.

The wilting leaves of a plant left to come to an abysmal end on a kitchen window sill or even worse in the murky corner of a salad drawer……..!

Oh the contempt they must have for us when we dare to hastily sprinkle them over a meal as an afterthought or in an attempt to disguise the sins of a badly cooked meal!

The Perfect Blend

Fortunately, we Love Tasties worship their very essence.

We do not neglect them nor forsake them for another quite the contrary – we embody their uniqueness and potential to cure a host of ailments and boost our smoothie further.

Big 5


Known for its warm flavour it is a great addition to any sauce. However, do not underestimate its strength it will boost a green smoothie and strengthen your kidneys by aiding the removal of toxins in your bloodstream particularly good for lovers of processed foods!

Complimenting Broccoli & the Beast, it is rich in vitamin K – roughly 2 TSPS is 60% of your daily requirement, good for strong bones and healthy brain function.


If spices were royalty this would be the King – known for its potential role in natural healing, more so in cases of arthritis this is an essential when wanting to reduce inflammation. Proceed with caution when adding this to a fruit smoothie such as Big 5 – this spice is not for the light-hearted.


Such an aromatic friend of ours – yes great with a Sunday roast – even better in a Grape Escape. This antioxidant powerhouse can improve the mind and concentration; aid digestion, boost the immune system and relieve migraines.


Any lovers of spicy cuisine will love the concept of a “hot smoothie”. Added to Broccoli & the Beast or Kale Kick this will certainly pack a punch and stimulate your lethargic taste buds. Rich in vitamin A & C it is equally rich in minerals, which are essential for overall wellbeing.

You decide!

Now to those canny readers out there you may have noticed that we have failed to mention the amounts needed per smoothie. In our humble opinion “one man’s meat/wine is another man’s poison” so who are we to dictate the grams/spoon usage.

What we will do is encourage you to play around with flavours, befriend your orphaned herbs/spices and take them on a culinary adventure.


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