The New Kid on the Chopping Block

The Green Machine

Green has been the colour of goodness ever since a jolly giant burst onto our TV screens in the 1960s with a rumbling laugh and the promise to bring healthy eating into the kitchen.

Glorious Greens

Whether it’s kale, spinach, cavolo nero or wheatgrass, we’ve all fallen in love with the green stuff – adding it to everything we eat and drink. Indeed, sales of our green veggie smoothies (Broccoli & The Beast and Kale Kick) are among our best-sellers.

Be Adventurous

But there’s a new revolution afoot. In fact, the more unusual the better as long as what you’re adding to your favourite Love Smoothie adds something to your own efforts to eat and live as healthily as possible.

Now that’s not to say the humble banana or the ever dependable broccoli are to be overlooked but have you checked out the new kids on the chopping block from seabuckthorn and moringa to super cacao and maca?

Green Machine

The world is literally your oyster, your baobab and your pea protein.

seabuckthorn, moringa, super cacao and maca

From balancing hormones to improving your beauty regime, these powders and proteins have all kinds of wonderful plus points that add them to the great super food family, making them a popular choice in many topical health trends.

Several are winging their way to the UK all the way from Africa thanks to suppliers who are helping to support farming communities in some of the poorest countries in the world.

Check out for a tempting array of healthy ingredients which you can add to your Love Smoothie to boost its feel-good power.


Take baobab – dubbed the super friendly fruit it dries right there on the branch. It’s a rich source of Vitamin C and has more anti-oxidants than any other. A delicious sweet citrus flavour, it is perfect to add to any of our 17 fruity blends or indeed our rapidly-growing vegetable range.

Said to aid the immune system and boost skin health, baobab is already popular in the Love Smoothies office – a spoonful in a glass of water first thing is just the tonic.

Gut Flora

We’ve read a lot recently on gut flora. Research shows that maintaining balance in your gut is the key to feeling your best because it has an impact on almost everything you do. A complex community of organisms, it is relatively easy for things to get off kilter and the impact on the rest of your body can be hugely significant. If your gut doesn’t boast the right balance of bacteria it can lead to digestive problems, mental health issues such as depression and brain fog and skin conditions including acne and psoriasis.

While it’s easy for things to be thrown off balance it’s also pretty straight forward to get your fell-good vibe and your gut flora back on track.

Some advice from us

A simple first step (and we probably all know this already) is to avoid toxins. But of course occasionally we might want the odd treat from a cup of caffeine to that nice chilled glass of wine. Best way to enjoy those is in moderation but also take a little time to seek out the food your gut loves to love to counteract the odd one it loves to hate. The humble banana (we told you not to overlook it); kale and other cruciferous vegetables, blueberries, beans and fermented plant-based foods such as sauerkraut, tempeh and soy sauce all make your tummy want to sing for its supper. Brilliant at levelling off any little turbulent hotspots that might leave you feeling below par.

Smoothies Tailored to you

Take a look at the Love Smoothies range for those that include banana and kale together with blueberries but also remember to make your smoothie as individual as you are.


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